Samstag, 27. Juli 2013

"Guardian Angel" Charity Collab Kit

Kit: "Guardian Angel" Charity Collab Kit @
Sophie is a 7-year old girl, whose (Romanian) mother was brutally murdered by her (Austrian) husband because she had filed for divorce and threatened to disclose her strong suspicions that he was sexually molesting Sophie! After the murder, Sophie's father took Sophie to his parents and, through an illegally assumed competence by the local judge, the criminal's parents received temporary custody!! The maternal grandmother has been trying to obtain the custody of Sophie for 8 months, especially since in April Sophie told her (and 4 other witnesses!) that the paternal grandfather was sexually molesting her as well. The judge and the Children's "Protection" Services, again through an illegally assumed competence, had her returned to the abuser and the grandmother has not seen her since!!!! After finally making the whole story public, in June the grandmother found new (effective and committed) lawyers, who are helping her, but she needs financial support in order to be able to pay for all the legal actions in Steyr and Vienna and save Sophie from abuse! You can read more and support Sophie's cause here:

You can also help Sophie by buying this amazing collection put together by nine designers: ADB Designs - Celinoa Designs - Doudou's Design - Fayette Designs - Feli Designs - Lilas Design - LouCee Creations - Mel Designs - Moos Scrap Designs

This beautiful kit includes:
 - 43 beautiful backgrounds and 134 magnificent elements, plus 9 separate pieces of word art

All proceeds minus Paypal Fees will be donated to the Save Sophie Fund.

"My Little Captain Jack" by Jumpstart Designs

Montag, 22. Juli 2013

Donnerstag, 11. Juli 2013

"Just a Magic Moment" by Ptitesouris Design

Kit: "Just a Magic Moment" by Ptitesouris Design @
Template: Free Bee 60 by FussFree

Sonntag, 7. Juli 2013

"Summer Vacation" by Lindsay Jane

Kit: "Summer Vacation" by Lindsay Jane @
Template by Fayette Designs (July Template Challange @

"Come home singing the spring" by Studio Lalie Designs

Kit: "Come home singing the spring" by Studio Lalie Designs @
Photo by Sandra
Lo for the July Scraplift-Challange @


"Birthday Party" by High Four Designs

"Urban Garden" by Lynnise

It's not a CT page, but I used a wonderful kit by Lynisse.
Kit: "Urban Garden" by Lynnise
Template: Pretty World Freebie 5 by Eudora Designs